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 despite me cancelling my contract in 2022 sky have been debiting our account monthly, my wife has just flagged it and brought this to my attention. I have a 'sorry you are leaving letter'. and a request to return all equipment, which was sent back. I am being told that they only cancelled the tv part of my package and broadband was left for line takeover? I have tried talking to them and despite there being no usage of a braodband service they are not being helpful in this matter with a refund and infact are quoting a termination fee. Can anybody or has anybody come across this. thanks bob


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Re: cancellation

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I take it when you cancelled your TV art of the account at the same time you told them that you wanted to cancel the broadband and when you did this you were not in a contract with them at the time ?

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Re: cancellation

Hi, I was not in contract and cancelled my contract in full and returned the equipment.




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