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Billing,direct debit,etc

Hi guys


Sorry to be a dumbass but I need some help/advice,


I'm really ill,disabled and struggling to even type this never mind take in the info on some of the pages I've tried looking at.


basicly...sky tried to get my monthly debit in jan,they couldnt..all that happened was my debit card expiry date changed.


i updated card details but must have typed something wrong when updating as sky couldn't take payment for jan,now my feb bill is included as they can't get my money for feb as well.


.so I owed 2 months.


so  I've had someone do my sky direct debit for me in the last few days to make sure it's not me being an idiot,I received email today saying bla bla can't get money,with threats of disconnection,obvs my only contact with outside world is the internet,I can't have that happen.


the person who setup my  direct debit in last few days assures my debit details are correct,and has also came around today and made a one off payment of the money owed 


am I right in thinking the card details they have tried today to get money wouldn't be updated to latest details I've put in in last few days until next months payment?im struggling to understand what's going on.


Also is it possible to buy myself out my contract?not being able to talk to someone when things like this happen is no good for me.i tried the home phone 150 and...yeah..really helpful...


thanks for any info or help


much appreciated



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Re: Billing,direct debit,etc

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi @JLM12345 


That's not great to read and I think it would be worth us getting another advisor into your account just to look at how things are standing currently for peace of mind more than anything else.

I’ve escalated your post to Sky and the Messaging Team may get in touch with you later.

Look out for a blue/red speech bubble at the bottom of your forum page. You’ll then have 48 hours to click on it and join the private chat or it will close automatically. If you fail to respond to each chat reply within 48 hours the chat will again close down automatically even if your issue hasn’t been resolved. Replies from Sky aren’t instant so you’ll just need to check the chat thread regularly.

This link explains the Community Messaging process.

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Re: Billing,direct debit,etc

Thank you so much,I realy appreciate your help,I will keep the forum open until I hear from them.


again thanks.

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Re: Billing,direct debit,etc

Posted by a Sky employee

Thanks for escalating this. We’ve sent @JLM12345  an invite to chat.


Lisa - Sky Tech Team Expert

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