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Connect Soundbox to Stream

Hi there.  I have just switched from Sky Q to Sky Stream and want to connect a Sky Soubdbox to it, with a Samsung TV.


Everything is connected correctly with the HDMI connected to the Arc port  in the TV (with HDMI-CEC enabled).


The sky remote is set up so it controls the tv and the soundbox and the tv remote will also control the sky stream (but not the soundbox).


when I turn the sky stream on with the sky remote, the tv automatically switches on but not the soundbox.  I have to use the soundbox remote separately for some reason.  Didn't have this with sky Q.


Any ideas?



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Re: Connect Soundbox to Stream

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@trick110 unfortunately Sky has discontinued the Sky Soundbox so unless you can programme the remote to control the unit you are stuck. Go to settings and down to connected devices, the remote, then to the option to control speakers enter Sky as the manufacturer and hopefully it should work.


By the by you dont need to connect the Puck/Soundbox to the ARC HDMI on the TV as the soundbox doesnt support ARC which was a major over sight in its design.

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Re: Connect Soundbox to Stream

I am having this exact same issue. 

Just switched from Q to Stream. 

Exact same set up with a Samsung TV.


Sky remote turn on TV & Puck but Soundbox stays in standby...


Did you find a solution? @trick110 

I dont think my OCD would tolerate having to manually press the ON button on the Soundbox every time I turn the TV on 😞


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