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Can’t afford it

I've just checked my bill and it's above £30. I can't afford this going forward as I'm living by myself. I noticed the boost is on and I don't need that as I live alone. Can you please help me? 


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Re: Can’t afford it

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Hi @Alice21 . This forum is a community forum of other Sky customers so we can only offer advice.


id suggest giving Sky a call to see what can be done. note that if you are within your minimum term contract Sky may not let you leave early, or if they do may charge early termination fees


You can call on 150 from a Sky Talk Line or Sky Mobile.

If you haven't got a current Sky Mobile or Sky Talk this link should help:
https://www.sky.com/help/home Scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0333 number. If you are in the ROI on the same link change the flag in the very bottom corner to the ROI flag to obtain an 0818 number.

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