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Sky Sports F1 Sound Fault



Since mid-2021, I have experienced a sound fault on Sky Sports F1 (but strangely no other Sky Sports channel).


At the start of SSF1 channel idents, and first commercial on a commercial break, the audio changes from stereo to mono after 1 second. Sometimes the second commercial onwards goes stereo to mono (also after 1 second) but usually stays mono. When the programme returns (can be live or pre-recorded programme) the sound stays mono.


The same commercial, Sky promotion etc will be stereo throughout when shown on, for example Premier League or Action but always stereo/mono on F1.


The sound was mono throughout, on the Hamilton & Verstappen documentary yesterday (but surely would have been produced in stereo).


I currently have a SKY+HD 2TB box but this fault has happened with 2 other SKY+HD boxes. I have replaced the HDMI cable, tried each box with 2 different TVs, rebuilt the planner several times on all boxes but still this fault remains. On all 3 boxes the sound set to stereo on the menu screen. 


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, especially as the first race weekend of the new season is in a fortnight.


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