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Sky mobile swap 12 /24

Sky swap 🤔🤔🤔 ok so I'm on sky mobile swap 12 I wanted to send my sons phone back and swap for an iPhone his Samsung a53 is in pristine condition so went through the process to swap with 198 pound owing on his Samsung phone ... sky have said that his fully pristine Samsung a53 is worth 9 pounds .... yes 9 whole pounds so the remainder that's owing from Samsung contract for device would be added on to the new device contract... I'm gobsmacked ...  the phone is worth seccond hand at least 150 quid but yet sky are still advising the phone for the same price .... I'm appald makes me sick .... what are other peoples experiences please xx


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Re: Sky mobile swap 12 /24

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How far into the 24 months of the contract are you and have you tried calling Sky on 150 to see if you get the same amount offered if you ask them to do it for you ?

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