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ORDI request help

I'm currently a Sky BB customer, with a landline through BT, and I'm attempting to move to a new BB provider (PlusNet).


After placing my order with them, and some back and forth, I've been left with this action to take from their support team:


"Our suppliers have confirmed that the telephone number: (removed) is not registered to the postcode we have on file: (removed). Reasons for this: - Your postal code was typed incorrectly when you first signed up with your current provider. - Your address has a spelling error on the system making it hard to find. We would need your current provider to update the records correctly as they know what address your line is located under. Please contact them and ask them to raise an ORDI Request to correct the line records. An ORDI is a system used to check the consistency of data across our supplier’s records and corrects any discrepancies."


My postcode is correct with both Sky and BT. Additionally, it looks like the Open Reach DB has two entries for my address - the correct one as per the Royal Mail DB, and a legacy one. When I placed my order with PlusNet I used the correct address.


Any help here would be welcome! 


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Re: ORDI request help

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Best to speak directly to Sky. Like all providers, Sky provision phone and broadband services via the Openreach database, so I'm not sure how they would have done so incorrectly. I don't believe Sky have z mechanism for updating the Openreach database, the only updates being via the Post Office Address File (PAF). 

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Re: ORDI request help

I've managed to get help from BT via their forums (as mentioned, my landline is through them), and they are able to submit a request to OpenReach - seems it takes around 10 days to process.


Beyond that, I think I'll probably try to consolidate everything with BT for now, to get rid of the legacy landline / BB split I have at the moment.


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