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Linking mobile sky account

It been couple of months now and i have previously had sky sim but opted for the iphone 15 pro max. I like it but i cannot access the mobile account on my sky it always say whoops we ran into error try again later.


as i cannot see well i contacted sky who assured me this be fix by january and after 14th it should be ok


this was in december

anyways i get my sms bill whoch i know. Should be less as not used my sim but when trying to check i cannot as i login with my sky id my tv bills show but not my mobile when i try to link it fails. 

i just fed up now as i rang sky two times this month and i was told there no recollection of my call.


as iCT expert i know about phone systems and software which can go wrong at times but not always. It could be sky not closed my old mobile account as i know this can stop new mobile accounts to bd linked but i really wish they would sort it instead of ensuring me it will. Customer service is great but sometimes you like someone who will actively listen pass your query to senior person as honestly speaking working my way up i use to work in customer service and i know not all people are trch minded or nice but sky do good job however, in this case i would like action escalation on my query rather than sorry to hear this as i be more impressed and would recommend sky if they sorted issue. I know sometimes it can take longer than expected but i would hope by my next mobile bill i will have access.



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Re: Linking mobile sky account

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To get you some help with this I have escalated your post to the Sky Messaging team who should be in touch with you regarding this via a blue/red chat bubble which will appear at the bottom of this page. It can take up to a few hours to be contacted via this.

This link explains how this works so you will need to respond to the chat bubble at the bottom of the page when it appears:

When the chat bubble does appear you will need to respond to it as soon as you can.
This isn't a live chat so replies are not instant.

If someone has helped you then please click on the LIKES button in their post.
If you need help please provide as much information as you can
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Re: Linking mobile sky account

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Hi there! Thank you for escalating this. We have sent an invite to @Afif.

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Re: Linking mobile sky account

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We are still looking to help you @Afif . If you need our support let us know and we can re-escalate to our chat team. Your invite has been closed now. Thanks


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