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Confusing Email Communication



I received an email from Sky last week on the 08/02/2024 saying: "We're letting you know your following products are out of contract” , however these services were cancelled on the 25/11/2022 without any penalties, the email confirming the same was saved so I had some proof.


I have attempted to contact Sky since the 8th Feb however I’ve not managed to get any resolve, the first time I called I was informed someone would call be back and they never have, the next time I was advised to call again soon as the advisor was having technical difficulties and I have called again today, only to be put on hold for 50 mins and then the line cut off.


Just wondered if anyone has any advice?




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Re: Confusing Email Communication

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Personally I woldn't do anything if these products were actually cancelled and that you haven't been paying for them since November 2022 as it might be this email was sent to you in error.

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