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Access to fibre superfast

Sky has bombarded me with offers of superfast broadband for years but whenever it accesses my details I'm palmed off with the fact that I am  already on the  fastest connection. This harks back to my bid to get ADSL when it came out. In those days it was possible to email Openreach, who explained I would have to wait for my exchange to be uprated. Now online maps show my London suburb is awash with fibre/superfast but a check on my exchange shows nothing has changed on the cabinet which services my home and about a dozen neighbours. Annoyingly, nearby proiprties are on a different cabinet which offers 80Mb speeds compared to my 11Mb.

  As my broadband feed is rapidly collapsing, with a dead phone line and feeds of less than 1Mb which drop multiple times an hour, I'm begining to think I should give up. I know there is fibre under the street outside as I can see feeds to some local business premises.

  Meanwhile, Openreach appears unable to fix my feed and told me long ago it had no plans to uprate my cabinet anyway. Sky must also realise this is serious, as without prompting it has offered to release me from my recently-signed new contract without penalty.

   There is an unused Virgin cable into my premises [I was an early adopter with what was then Cable & Wireless] which is becoming more tempting every day.


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Re: Access to fibre superfast

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Sky or any other ISP client company is not permitted to attempt to influence the Openreach rollout of full fibre infrastructure, and Ofcom would be very upset if they did.  If local factors mean your cabinet is unlikely to be served, switching to an altnet ISP would seem entirely reasonable.

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