Discussion topic: Sky+hd box slow to access catch up and box sets

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Re: Sky+hd box slow to access catch up and box sets

I shouldn't beat yourself up too much regarding the equipment. Others who are experiencing exactly the same problem with catch-up as yourself are using a wide range of different equipment and internet providers. There is only one variable that is common to every example cited, and that is SKY. SKY should be sorting this problem asap, but it's probably not on their priority list.

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Re: Sky+hd box slow to access catch up and box sets

Further to my previous post #90 on 12.2.24 this is just a report of recent experiences which would indicate that I think I have solved the problem !!

Following my suspicions about the Sky Mini WiFi connector SD 501 installed in my system I decided to try to reset it rather than just scrap it and replace.

To this end, I unplugged the USB lead from the SD 501 to the Sky box and left it for a few minutes to have bit of a brush and blow to make sure no dust was present before re-plugging it to the Sky box giving it a bit of a "jiggle" to settle it.

The power switches on with the Sky box, but the WiFi was not connected. I did this using the WPS buttons on both router and Mini Connector and........hey presto !! it worked.

We are now back to full speed on downloads and so for now all is back to normal  - fingers crossed it stays that way.

Maybe this idea could work for someone else.


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