No Satellite Signal

'No Satellite Signal' on your Sky TV can come at any moment. But what causes it, and how do you fix it?


Bad weather


Heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms can knock your dish and LNB (the arm attached to your dish) out of place. The LNB takes the signal from your dish and transforms it into a suitable signal for your house and devices. If the LNB is affected, you'll experience difficulty getting a decent signal with your TV.


You will, unfortunately, need to book an engineer for this issue. Moving the dish yourself could potentially be dangerous. For Sky Q customers, click here to book an engineer. To track your appointments, have a look in your My Sky App or via your Sky Box to check Track My OrderYou also have the ability there to reschedule your appointment.


If you need advice on how best to handle bad weather when it comes to your tech, this link will take you there! 


Outages / Planned Maintenance


If you're wanting to find out if there are issues in your area, hop onto Service Status Checker. This brilliant web page allows you to check the status of your service from Streaming TV to Broadband, right from the comfort of your home. By simply popping in your landline number, you can hone in on your area, to see if it's a widespread issue or if it's specific to your home.


To see if there's Planned Maintenance where you live, follow our @SkyHelpTeam Twitter account, where we post all the postcodes affected by any Planned Maintenance.



Reset settings


Reset Settings in the hidden menu might help with your issues. To enter the hidden menu:


1. Press Home and navigate down to Settings but do not select Settings.
2. With Settings highlighted press 0 0 1 Select.
3. Only carry out the first reset (Reset Settings) as the other two will wipe all recordings.
4. After the Reset you will have to re-pair your Bluetooth remote if you use one.
5. Press 1 & 3 together on the remote and follow onscreen instructions to re-pair.
Make sure that you are pointing the remote at the Q box when you press 1 & 3 together.



Updates and Reboots


Try turning off your box. Unplug all cables and leads and leave it alone for at least 30 seconds. Then, reconnect everything and try turning it on again. 


If this doesn't help, you might need to go into Settings and check that you have the latest software version. To do this, go to Settings, then System Info and highlight Software version. Then, choose Setup and then select Software download. Once you have manually updated your software, give it some time to settle in, but from that point onwards it should kick in. 


This link will take you to the latest software updates for Sky Q, +, Glass and Stream, so you're always on track!



Communal Dishes


Have you recently moved to a property with a communal dish? You may experience problems with your signal, even though everything seems to look alright. Luckily, one of our Community Oracles has the answer for this issue. Follow this link to the discussion thread, where their technical expertise helped to resolve a complicated issue!



Sky Q 


This Help Guide takes you step-by-step through troubleshooting your Sky Q box. This Tips and Tricks article outlines tech-specific issues you might be facing, and advice for them. If your Sky Q content is not responding, try this article!

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