Intermittent broadband connection


An intermittent connection could be caused by a whole host of issues, follow these steps to help solve the problem.


A fault with your phone line 


If you can, unplug your Sky Hub from the phone socket, connect a telephone directly into the master socket and listen to the dial tone. Is there a crackling/hissing sound? If you suspect there’s a fault with your line, run a line test and take a look at these troubleshooting steps.


How is your Hub set up?


Are you using homeplugs, phone splitters or phone extension cables? I recommend stripping your setup back to the bare essentials.


Plug your Sky Hub into your master socket and check the lights on your Sky Hub. If your connection remains stable, there could be a loose connection or faulty equipment causing an issue.


The bare essentials.The bare essentials.

Sky Community


Sky Community has thousands of members who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise. If you’d like their help, post your Sky Hub’s statistics in a new post with an explanation about your issue.


CLICK HERE to go to the Broadband Community, and select the blue button in the top left to start a new conversation.


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