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Re: Sky Stream Audio Sync Issues

It all depends on how your connected up. 

If you're going to the TV via HDMI and then back out via SPdif, there should be a setting in the TV audio menu's to build in a delay, if there isn't then tinker with the Sonos settings.

The best way is HDMI to the TV and then HDMI out to the Sonos via Arc or eARC because there shouldn't be any delays.

Either way, it's a set-up issue that you'll need to tinker with at your end. I'd suggest reading up on what your TV and Sonos support and go from there. 

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

I have had the same issue for over a week now after not having the issue with exactly the same set up for the past 18 months. I am pretty tech savvy and have tried everything suggested plus a few more things that I thought might work but it is still terrible watching anything on the sky puck. Seems like a hardware issue as so many people are complaining about the same problem ??

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

The simple explanation is the more gateways you introduce between the puck and the audio output will introduce delays due to the various hardware points having to decode the various signals and keeping everything in sync becomes a pain in bum.

This has been recognised as a industry wide issue which is why eARC was introduced as this has protocols in place which keep everything in sync.

We have a Samsung QLED TV and a modestly priced Sony soundbar. It all supports eARC and we have zero sync issues. It took a bit of reading but the issue isn't with the Puck as such and just an inherent issue with various technologies. 

Personally I think that Sonos have done a tremendous marketing job because they've over complicated everything and the sound quality isn't that great 

We have a MultiRoom Sonos system at work, it's overly complicated and doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the much cheaper JBL system we had before.

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue



This may be true, but it does not appear to be the situation in this case for most people in this thread.  For me, and many others, the issue arose suddenly without any addition of additional hardware, or changing settings.  It is very likely this is a broken update sent through by Sky.


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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

Can't agree, sorry.

I've got the puck straight into HDMI socket on my Sony Xperia TV. Nothing else. I've never had a sound bar or sepearte audio input. It has been exactly like that since November 2022 when I switched to Stream, with no sync issues whatsoever.

2 weeks ago Sync issues started without anything changing in the set up.

I can correct it temporarily by  resetting Inputs on my TV then after a few hours it returns. 

If you look at the reports there are different TV's involved, different cables, Sound Bars, no sound bars etc etc. They all have issues. The only common denominator is the Sky Puck

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

Yeh, ftom what I have been reading I agree. It is firmly the puck. Like you, all great with puck for year and then last week it started. I had not changed any settings either. 
the sky lassie said a workaround but clearly that is hit and miss. 
bit shoddy if you ask me that they keep quiet about these things and the only comms is by frustrating users on this forum.

Hope you get sorted soon, and hope my does not return either. 

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

I have a Samsung qled TV and a good Samsung sound bar. I get sync issues. Every app on the TV is in sync, iPlayer, YouTube etc. But the sky puck has audio sync issues, all the apps on the puck have the same issue. It must be a puck issue. As my setup works fine through the TV.

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Re: Sky puck lip sync issue

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@Anthony384  Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the lip sync problem is a known issue that Sky have been trying to resolve.  As a temporary workaround whilst they find a permanent solution they suggest changing your Audio Settings to PCM or Passthrough.


I also have a Samsung TV and Soundbar and I find the sound has dropouts if I use PCM.  I actually have mine set to Dolby Digital+ and whilst there is a little lip sync lag it is not really noticeable.

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