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Lied to by Engineer


Hello. i had an engineer come out in the summer as my Sky Q box wasnt working. After fixing the issue the engineer said do you want Sky Movies for free for 2 months for the inconvenience. I wasnt really bothered but said OK but as long as I dont have to cancel it to not be charged. No you dont was the response, its just a nice thing we are able to do for people.


Then i just checked my Sky bills and i have been charged for it for months. I call Sky, speak to a guy who simply says i am not refunding it. i say can i speak to your manager. Put on hold, manager will do the same, wont speak to you. its an absolute joke. over 15 years custom for this nonsense. I cant work out how i speak to someone who will actually have a connverstaion with me. Its obvious the guy puts me hold, gets told no by his boss and then thats it. 


does anyone know how i can deal with this but not through a call centre of people with scripts and bosses who couldnt care less. absolute joke


(Removed) Values department is the managers name, so they tell me.


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Re: Lied to by Engineer


Lodge an official complaint via one of these methods:


Sky will then contact you and work with you until a resolution is met. 

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Re: Lied to by Engineer

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The 'free' offers always revert to chargeable once the offered period expires.


You have to call to give 31 days notice to cancel it.

I am just another Sky customer and my views are my own

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