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Initial setup not working

Hello I received a new sky glass tv today and it's not working properly. It has gone thru the updating software multiple times resulting in a sotware error message. I have followed the different advise to turn off but still not joy. I tried connecting it to the BT box via the hdm1 port and briefly the tv worked. But turned the tv on and off several times since and its the same software error. What next please?


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Re: Initial setup not working

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Hi @TiaTia2 


Your glass needs to be set up before it will allow the HDMI ports to work.


In relation to the software update, have you tried all these steps here: https://www.sky.com/help/articles/setting-up-sky-glass-updating-software


Also try turning the glass off at the mains for at least 10 minutes before re-attempting, and try connecting the glass via ethernet cable rather than WiFi, just for set up can help it complete successfully.


Failing this, you will need to contact Sky. We are fellow subscribers on the forum.



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