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alzheimer's support


Need some assistance just discovered my Dad who is 79 and has alzheimer's has called Sky or possibly someone from Sky called him, he can't remember which?

He get's easily confused and has ordered Sky as he was getting outages with Virgin and increased his subscription after someone called him from Virgin and convinced him to upgrade his tv package.

The problem is he forgot that i (his son) sorted out his virgin bill in december and in feburary it mean't he started a new 18 month contract.


Has anyone any suggestions what i can do to cancel sky  without a 79 year old pensioner with alzheimer's from recieving a bill for cancelling an 18 month contract early with sky?


He has been using sky for a week before i found out it had been installed??




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Re: alzheimer's support



if it is within 31 days of the contract, then you should be able to cancel without early termination charge issues. As the account holder, he'd need to call Sky 

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Re: alzheimer's support

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi @Rodney42 Yes, as he is within his cooling off period there is no issue with cancelling it. He may need to initiate the call and go through the ID verification process, but if you are with him, he can then pass the phone to you to continue the conversation if needed.


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