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Removal of Sky Kids app

I have just read multiple posts complaining about the removal of sky kids. And I agree with all of them. As a parent of an autistic, adhd child, much like many other parents, this app was a life saver. I cannot trust my child with Sky go because he is very technologically minded and has managed to bypass the parental controls on multiple platforms including sky glass and Google families. 


Now I understand that sometimes things must change but what I find most disturbing and quite frankly disgusting is the responses sky "superusers" are giving. If this level of discrimination, especially towards children, runs through sky the way these "superusers" are demonstrating then I will seriously consider changing providers. This world may have been built around the needs of the neurotypical but that doesn't mean that the conglomerates like sky shouldn't be more aware of the impact their actions will have on approximately on one quarter of the whole population. Many of whom, may have made the decision (like I did) because sky provided an apparent genuine family orientated system. 


So I would like to congratulate sky and their "superusers" on making an already harsh and sometimes impossible world even harder for those who should be celebrated for their superpowers and not discriminated for the difficulties they may face.


Before I recieve a comment telling me to go through the complaints procedure... don't worry I already have!


Good luck staying a front runner in a world that is becoming ever more accepting of the diversity of individuals when you're views are ancient. 


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Re: Removal of Sky Kids app

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more

I doubt any Superuser would have intentionally posted anything that might be construed as 'discriminatory'.


The Community does have a 'report post' link designed specifically to enable you to report concerns with a particular post direct to the Community Management team. Or you can send a Private Message to one of the Community Managers to explain your concerns.

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Re: Removal of Sky Kids app

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi @Tomkat 


Just to add to @Mark39's message we have a full set of Community Rules and Guidelines found here. These rules are designed for the efficiency and smooth running of Community and to ensure that this is a safe place for any user to discuss their query. 


That's all the more reason why I encourage you to please report anything you feel breaches these Community rules so that myself and the team can review each example individually and determine what actions are required 🙂



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