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Old sky store purchase

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. On release (so a few years ago now), we bought Trolls for the kids. We've watched it countless times since then but last week when we tried to watch it it wouldn't load. We don't have an ultra HD TV but I did recently downgrade my package (albeit it won't have taken effect anyway as yet as less than a month ago). Anyone know how we can get this resolved so that the film can be watched? I don't think we did buy in ultra hd - it wouldn't make sense for us to have done, but if we did can we now not watch the film if we aren't paying for Ultra HD?


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Re: Old sky store purchase

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Hi @MB000001 


If you don't have a UHD TV and you did buy Trolls in UHD then it won't play on your TV. 


Take a look in your recordings / purchases and see if when you select Trolls it says either UHD or HD at the top of the screen. 

If it is HD, I suggest archiving it then re download it. 

At 11am tomorrow the Skystore livechat reopens and they should be able to advise you what you purchased. If it is UHD all you can do is ask them very nicely for some goodwill. 

Hope that helps. 




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