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green vertical lines?

I was recently sent a new UHD box but after a while i start to get green vertical lines down the screen?
They increse in frequency as i watch but only display for a second or 2?
This is when watching normal TV, a recording or via netflix?
I have tried 3 different and new HDMI cables and also tried different HDMI ports?
The TV is also a new QLED TV and this does not happen when using the TV apps only through the sky box?
I have looked at the settings and changed to UHD and it picked up 10 bit. it plays perfect for a while then starts with the issue?

I have tried the software update and I have also powered the sky Q box off and on but still happening?

I have no signal issues in the area?


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Re: green vertical lines?

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi there, @MikePettengell. I’ve escalated your post to our Community Messaging team who will invite you to a private chat shortly and help you with this. 

Just look out for the colourful bubble to start the conversation.

Here's more information on how Community Messaging works - https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/Escalating-a-post-to-a-Sky-expert/ba-p/3711147 

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Re: green vertical lines?

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi @MikePettengell 


An invite was sent but there was no response within 48 hours so it has automatically closed.

If you still need help with this please let us know by posting on the forum again and we will get it escalated through to us.


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