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Sky Box Return

I have received an email regarding reutrning my old sky box. Can you please a postage box to my new address


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Re: Sky Box Return

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If you’ve successfully cancelled your subscription Sky should send out returns packaging near the end of the cancellation period, [14 days for Broadband hub and 31 days for Sky Q box(es)], to the address that the subscription was registered at.If you’ve moved to Sky Glass or Stream any Sky Q packaging is sent out a bit later in case you change your mind.

You can use any packaging as long as it’s secure and you may want to put a note inside with your account number and a list of equipment that is included. This link explains about how to receive an email with your return labels through Royal Mail.

If you haven’t anything suitable contact Sky again and ask if they’ll re-send. Keep your proof of posting safe and indefinitely and if you use Royal Mail’s collect from home service, keep a record of the tracking number.

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