Discussion topic: Constant dropping of internet!

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Constant dropping of internet!

Honestly, after switching to Sky Q from the old HD box we had, I assumed we'd see a step change quality, the only step change I've seen is a huge one BACK!


I find Sky Q crap to be brutally honest, lost count of the number of resets, reboots, a second remote for the mini box after first failed, and currently suffering internet dropping out within minutes of, yes you guessed it, resetting etc, absolute rubbish system, especially it seems if you haven't got Sky Broadband (Or am I being cynical?) I'm on fibre and it's ONLY Sky that keeps dropping, all other devices (laptop,tablet, phones, Firesticks) work faultlessly, seriously considering getting rid of this continues, for what Sky charge for what is frankly a crap service I may as well use my Firestick🤬

Anyone else feel the same or have similar experiences?


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Re: Constant dropping of internet!

I am not offering a solution I'm afraid, as I don't know enough about your set up, and there are others on here better qualified than me anyway.


What I can say is I joined SkyQ shortly after it was launched many years ago, and since then moved home once.  In both cases I didn't have Sky Fibre Broadband, in fact because both homes have been very rural I have had to rely on rather obscure internet systems, but have always found SkyQ to work very well.  My family living in more suburban settings who also has SkyQ and also don't have Sky Fibre have few problems with it.


I am not trying to undermine your problems, but I think if you are looking at SkyQ to be the problem it might be better looking elsewhere.  I find this forum very helpful so feel free to give greater details of your system and set up and I'm sure someone will help further.


I do hope you get it sorted.





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