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Hello I ordered a phone for the second time after getting cancelled because I wasn't here to open the door from the delivery man and after ordering the phone again my credit agreement was successfully and after taking the moeny out of my account sky sent me an email cancelling my order after doing background checks but not saying what was wrong with my order everything I've done was successful 


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It’s possible you may have failed the required credit check(s). For a device Sky do carry out a second, more thorough check. Also, emails confirming or cancelling the order sometimes arrive out of sequence. See this link for Skys guidance ~
Be aware that if you keep trying to order the device this could further impact your credit score. If you contact Sky they would be able to confirm that’s the reason your order was cancelled but not why you failed the credit check in the first place as they are not allowed to view your credit record. You would have to sign up to a credit reference agency like Experian or Equifax, which would give you access to your credit record.

Any initial payment you’ve made should hopefully be refunded in about 14 days.

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This might have happened if you have failed the second more enhanced credit check that takes place. You can call Sky to find out if this is what has happened as they can answer this for you but as Sky is not allowed to view your financial records they can not tell you why you have failed the check. You might want to look into this yourself by signing up to a site that allows you to view your records, one credit checking site they use is Experian so you could sign up to a free trial with them, just remember to cancel.

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