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Sky glass puck

I'm looking at changing to sky glass but at the moment I have three multi rooms as well. Would I need a puck for every room if I change to sky glass also how much do they cost each?


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Re: Sky glass puck

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@deniseredman  Welcome to the forum.  Yes you will need a puck for each TV and a whole home subscription.


Besides the Sky Glass TV you will need a Stream puck for each additional TV in your home and they  cost £39.99 each but note this is an admin charge and the pucks are on loan and not owned by you.  A Whole Home subscription (similar to Sky Q multi room) is £12 per month.


As a current Sky Q subscriber you wil not be able to order Glass/Stream online and wil have to call Sky.


Personally I had Glass but sold it after 18 months and  purchased a new Panasonic TV and Soundbar.  My only regret was that I didn't do this earlier.  The picture quality of a Glass TV is mediocre at best but it has excellent sound.

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