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Master golf highlights

Hi I have sky glass and I had this problem with the darts aswell where certain days weren't available but I'm trying to watch the masters day 2 highlights and it's not available is thus a sky glass issue or is this the case and Q aswell? If so does anybody know why ? At the minute it's sooooo frustrating for most sports highlights bbc etc seem to do a better job but sky is getting the rights to everything and not covering it properly.


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Re: Master golf highlights

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Go here, this is on my Sky Stream, should be same as on Sky Glass;



Scroll down the Sports section to the large Masters link, it has the word 'Explore' on it, click that.

On the live and upcoming rail, scroll right to Live Masters Final Round, click that.

Under there you will find the five hours or so of day 2 and also day 3, with a 5 hour or so and 4 hour or so.



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Re: Master golf highlights

Thanks that's better than nothing still really frustrates me they don't have highlights but at least you found me a option I couldn't even find that yesterday.

Plus I didn't want to go thru all the masters stuff like that because it tells you everything news wise which is ridiculous it's like someone telling you the ending of a film just before you start watching it.

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Re: Master golf highlights

I'm the same I can't get on it. Since trying at 8am this morning it keeps statin 'there is a technical fault with this channel'. I was so looking forward to watching the day 3 coverage this morning before round 4 commences. This wouldn't have been the case if I had SkyQ!! Frustrating to say the least!! 


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