Discussion topic: Neighbours tree blocking my signal sky already been and cant move dish

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Neighbours tree blocking my signal sky already been and cant move dish

My sky signal started playing up so sky came and said was neighbours trees, they need 2 b topped as my dish could not b moved due 2 the buildings around me. I spoke 2 a tennent and they messaged landlord 4 me. 2wks later no news so he messaged again still nothing. So I contacted my letting agency they had no luck finding info on him so we went 2 my landlady who kindly contacted him. He said he would sort it. He didn't so my landlady contacted him again, once again he said would sort it the next wk. He didn't. It's nearly 2 months on now so his number was given 2 me. I rang and was polite and asked if we could discuss it. He said nothing put me on hold then hung up on me. Wouldn't answer his phone again. My tv is very important 2 me as I'm disabled and don't like leaving my house and also waiting on knee replacement. My tv is my life line and i don't know what i can do about this as he just seems 2 want 2 ignor us. What else can I do ? Any help is a bonus



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Re: Neighbours tree blocking my signal sky already been and cant move dish

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@Nina78 You are in a difficult situation as your neighbour (Landlord) is under no obligation to cut the trees back or answer your calls. If that persists you perhaps need to contact Sky again and look at alternative viewing options. If you haven't already you could register with the Sky Accessibility Team and contact them to see what they can do to help or advise you now or in the future.

and https://www.skyaccessibility.sky/ will help. 

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