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Wifi drop in and out all day.



can anyone help me. my broadband was fine. then nextdoor moved in and got sky broadband. since then it has drop in and out every day. The router in the right place and working etc. Ive been thinking about changing as its something i have read everyone has issues. plus they are putting the price up as well. so im paying for unstable service. 


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Re: Wifi drop in and out all day.

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@SLB1 the fact your neighbour has got a Sky broadband service wont difrectly impact your connection. However the faxt there is another wifi router next door may be causing interference. As a start reboot your Sky hub by didconnecting the power for a few seconds as that will cause it yo find the least congested Wifi channel to use.


If that doesnt work post again including your Sky hubs stats so forum members can seecwhat is going on. See Find your Sky Broadband router statistics

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