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Moving router




Hi there 


I recently moved to a new house and the main openreach socket is in my sons room upstairs - now behind all the furniture out of necessity . I have my sky router plugged into it - also behind all the furniture . (See pics) 

the signal is rubbish even with an extender (old house , thick walls) and it's really annoying having the router where it is . I'd much prefer to have it downstairs . Is there anything I can do without having to pay for an engineer to come out ? 

Answers for dummies only please I don't understand any of it . There are sockets and telephone sockety things all over the house if that's of interest (see pic) 


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Re: Moving router

As you have a new full fibre ont all the previous copper phone wiring is redundant and those sockets are just dust traps


if you have boost as part of your subscription you can call Sky's technical team and they may be able to arrange boosters 

Depending on how you feel about wiring you can buy a long length Ethernet cable to allow you to move the router to a more central location to maximum the WiFi signal

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Re: Moving router

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@LRoxk definitely movecthe Sky hub from behind furniture as mentioned you can change the ethernet lead from the ONT - the unit with green lights - to the hub. You can buy ethernet leads on line or in most electrical or DIY store as long as you need it doesnt have to be anything special. Place the hub on a shelf if you can as that will improve wifi. 

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