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Internet poor

Ever since I have had my broadband I seem to have nothing but problems! I have two pucks and the main tv. The tv works fine, but recently the tv has now started to glitch through lack of internet connection. My children have been using their data on the mobile phones now also for nearly 4 months since the last time I called. It worked for a few days then reverted back to nothing at all. I pay for the best internet connection and it still isn't good enough!  I even have an extra boost box, which last time the caller told me to disconnect because it was interfering.  
please tell me what I need to do?  I have tested the system, before it re booted it said I had no wi fi at all... and now it says there is an issue... I need help
lind regards 



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Re: Internet poor

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Hi @KBarto11 Please post your router stats

I am NOT a Sky Employee
Myself & Others offer our time to help others, please be respectful.

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