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Do I need a new router?

Hi all. I have superfast broadband running from a Sky Q hub, which is probably about 5 or 6 years old now. Up until the past few months, I've been happy with the speed and reliability but since around October time, the internet connection is persistently dropping out. It goes down for about 5 minutes at a time, then it'll come back to life and run fine. Sometimes I have to reset it or even unplug it for a while to get it to come back. Nothing has changed in terms of number of devices and it'll go down at all hours of the day and in every room. I can be the only person in the house, sat in the same room as the router and it'll die on me.  It probably averages around 5 or 6 dropouts a day at this point. 


Couple of things to note. When it drops, my devices still show as having full connection to the network, there is just no internet. Also, I have a laptop which is hard-wired with an ethernet cable, and that has never had a problem. As I'm typing this, I just lost internet on all wifi devices, but the laptop is as quick as ever.


I'm wondering if the Sky Q hub is just on it's last legs and could do with an upgrade. I was considering one of the TP-Link modem routers. One of the better ones would be within budget. Does it sound like that would help? Any advice welcome, Thanks!


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Re: Do I need a new router?

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Could you post your hub stats



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Re: Do I need a new router?

Thanks for the link. I would've been totally lost without that. Hopefully this is what you're after. Means absolutely nothing to me 😂




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Re: Do I need a new router?


From the stat's you posted there is an error with a HUGE amount of collision pkts on a WiFi device connected to the 5ghz band. Your router was reset 2 days ago and there was a drop 1 day ago.

To try to find this device, if you switch of all that are connected to WiFi, reset the router then you can

check the stat's as you now know how to do it. As you said the ethernet laptop is good so i would use that for all the test's. If you have a Q tv box i would start there. Good luck and post your findings 


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