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You say I need to contact you about my cancellation,why???


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I’m afraid you aren’t contacting Sky Customer Services on here. This is a customer to customer forum where we try to help each other.


As you've posted on the Broadband board - if you've contacted Sky about cancelling Sky Broadband and Sky Talk totally, or if you’re moving to a provider like Virgin Media or City Fibre etc who don’t use the Openreach set up, you'll have to contact Sky and give the required notice of 14 days, but if you are still in the initial 18 months deal Sky could impose cancellation charges. This link may help https://www.sky.com/help/articles/cancel-sky-broadband

If you are changing to another provider who also uses the Openreach infrastructure then join up with them and they should contact Sky on your behalf.

Return packaging will be sent out to you near the end of the notice period. Remember to keep any proof of posting indefinitely.

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