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Broadband worth it ?



Ordered 900mb and WiFi max got it for £34 a month dirt cheap deal I have EE full fibre at the moment and I'm fed up of my bills rising all the time sky due to take over the line on 18th April


Am I doing the right thing I heard the sky max hub isn't great and the boosters are terrible I mean I can get a similar deal with a better company for £38 a month




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Re: Broadband worth it ?

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@chrishyper1988 all,of the free routers thst ISPs supply have limitations but both the standard SR203 Sky supply and the SR213 which is the new Sky Max hub work for most people. The SR213 is a wifi6 unit and is triband when used with the pod extenders Sky will supply if you need them. You get the first one by asking but to get the other 2 depends on an engineer coming out and agreeing they are needed. The pods are wifi 5 and how they perform depend on the layout and construction of your home. Sky only guarantee 25Mb/s in every room.


65inch Sky Glass, 3 Sky Streaming Pucks, Sky Ultrafast + and Sky SR213(white Wifi Max hub) main Wifi from 3 TP-Link Deco M4 units in access point mode

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