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Re: Charge for not returning items

I returned all my Sky equipement on 24th Juky 2023 and have proof of postage. I have tracked the parcel and it has been delivered and signed for by Sky.


However I am getting messages from Sky to say thsat they still habvent received my equipement and will be charging me.


This is very stressful and frustrating, and frankly unacceptable. Reading other posts on the community it seems I am not the only person facing this predicament.


Can someone from Sky contact me asap to sort this out please.


Many thanks.


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Re: Charge for not returning items

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@RobE1967 To get you some help, I’ve escalated your post to sky community chat who hopefully will be in contact and send you a private community message/email so I would recommend that if not already on, you turn email/private message notifications on to avoid missing any alerts

So look out for a chat bubble across the bottom of the screen when logged onto the forum

This link explains how this works


Be reassured the email & message is from Sky and your details are safe and secure.

Once you receive an invite you’ll have 48 hours to initiate a chat before it automatically times out, also ensure you login to the forum periodically for 48 hours after receiving the invite and check the chat bubble for any responses from sky and make sure you respond to each message from sky within 48 hours of each message, or the chat will time out again

NB 1 If your post has been escalated for a non return fee issue please note proof of postage is required without it refunds are at sky’s discretion

NB 2 If you are using Safari please make sure that Hide IP Address is not checked in order to see the chat bubble. If you are having trouble finding this to check the settings, use another browser such as Chrome

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Re: Charge for not returning items

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Hi there! Thank you for escalating this. We have sent an invite to RobE1967.

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Re: Charge for not returning items

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Hi @RobE1967 


A private chat was started but there was no response within 48 hours so it has automatically closed.

If you still need help with this please let us know by posting on the forum again and we will get it escalated through to us.


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Re: Charge for not returning items

Check if you've been charged 50p for invoice admin charge. They have to send you one in the post. If not, breach of contract. Also you have 60 days to return the kit. If you've not had notification of charges for failing to return the kit, again, breach of contract. I'm going through the same, and good look to them in the morning.

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