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Sky Talk cancellation error

30th January contacted Sky to cancel Broadband and Sky talk they were unable as  showing error call back 6th Feb error still showing passed to complaint team who advised if I wanted to keep number to another provider I would have to contact BT to initiate it , this was done at the time while on the phone to Sky.

Sky received notification from BT 13th for takeover 27th same date I received notification from Sky by Text of Termination, unfortunately my line was not taken over as who ever raised the original error request that was sent to IT just closed the line down funny enough the same day BT weee due to take over.

I've been told there's nothing Sky can do basically sort it out myself as I didn't want Sky broadband or phone get Bt to sort it out.

i asked for transcripts of all calls was told no due to data protection,  I advised that I was entitled to customer subject information which I have now requested. I also have a complaint no but was told they will do nothing .


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Re: Sky Talk cancellation error

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@Leomaxwell wrote:

30th January contacted Sky to cancel Broadband and Sky talk...

If you asked Sky to cancel your broadband and phone service, then they would have passed on your request to Openreach who I imagine will have 'ceased' your line. Typically that takes around 10 days. BT would have been unable, therefore, to carry out an active line takeover. 


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