What is Sky Signature?

Sky Signature is the TV package that includes all the channels you would get on the Entertainment package, and it also combines the Sky Box Sets package with it as standard.


What do I get with Sky Signature?


  • All the best entertainment. Sky Signature gives you access to over 60 dedicated TV channels, including Sky One, Comedy Central, Sky Atlantic, SYFY and Sky Comedy. 
  • Sky Ultimate TV with unmissable Netflix Originals that everyone’s talking about. From Tiger King and The Crown to Stranger Things.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, All4, and ITV Hub all in one place, easy.
  • Pause, record, rewind or restart live TV on your Sky Q. Split your screen and set up a series link or store 500 hours of TV. 
  • Watch live and on demand on your TV, online and on the go.


How come Sky Signature has a 18-month term but the Ultimate TV add-on can be cancelled anytime?


The Sky Signature package is the new 18-month term that includes the Box Sets in the price. However, any extras you add on, such as the Ultimate TV pack (Netflix), HD, UHD are the ones that you can 'cancel anytime'.


I already have HD as part of my package, so what's the difference?


If you already have HD on your package but the offer includes UHD as well, this would be an upgrade that would let you get the Premium Netflix plan and also unlock access to be able to watch certain Sky shows in UHD too (providing you have a UHD Box and compatible TV).


I should also explain that depending on what HD package you have on Sky will determine what Netflix tier you can get. For example, No HD - Basic Netflix, HD - Standard and UHD - Premium.


How would I use the Netflix as 'standard' version on two separate screens?


On Netflix this affects the number of screens you can watch shows on at the same time. So, for example, on the basic Netflix you would only be able to watch any Netflix shows on the one TV at any one time.

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