Why are subtitles not staying on or off on Sky Q?

What's changed


Previously, you could switch on subtitles from either:


  1. Within the quick settings window, by pressing the ? (question mark) button on the remote
  2. By going to the main Accessibility settings area (press Home, then Settings, then Accessibility).

In both cases, toggling subtitles on switched them on for all channels.


Now, in part for technical reasons to allow us to offer subtitles in Welsh on S4C, if you switch subtitles on by pressing the ?, they only remain on as long as you are on that channel. When you change the channel, they are switched back off.


You will also notice that rather than seeing the word 'On', it will now say the subtitles language, for example 'English', as pointed out in the thread Subtitles with Q160.


How to turn on subtitles for all channels


You can now switch subtitles on globally for all channels from the main Accessibility settings screen:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Accessibility 
  3. Subtitles 
  4. Select 'On'

You can also switch subtitles on or off for all channels using voice control by saying "Turn on Subtitles."


For more information, check out our full guide to Switching on subtitles.

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