SkyHD remote shortcuts



If you prefer to use a single remote to control your TV and Sky+HD box, take a look at some of these handy shortcuts.


Remember, your Sky remote must be programmed to control your TV to use these shortcuts.


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TV Ratio


Did you know you can change your TV's screen settings by pressing TV followed by Play? Keep pressing Play until you find the best screen setting for what you're watching. When you're finished, just press the Sky Button to continue controlling your Sky box.


Change the Source 


From time-to-time, you'll need to change source or input on your TV. This might be so you can use an app on your Smart TV or play a games console. You don't need to swap remotes, simply press TV followed by Help to scroll through the options. Once finished, just press the Sky Button to continue controlling your Sky box.


Page Up and Down


When you have over 350 Box Sets, 1000 movies and 10,000 Sky Store options to scroll through you can get a very sore thumb. To make things a little easier press Channel Down to skip through menus a page at a time.


TV on standby


Put that second remote down. This can all be done using the Sky Remote, press TV on your Sky remote and then the standby button to turn the TV on or off. After turning on the TV, press Sky to regain control of the usual Sky functions.


Can I control my sound system with my Sky remote?


Absolutely. Take a look at this article which tells you everything you need to know


For more hints and tips about your Sky remote, check out this page.


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