Sky On Demand expiry & deletion dates

Did you know all the content in our On Demand library (Box Sets and Catch Up TV) has an expiry date?



On Demand Expiry Dates on Sky+HD

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  1. Find the show you’d like to download.
  2. Highlight an episode & press Select on your remote.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear for a choice of downloading in HD or SD
  4. The expiry date will now be visible in the top left-hand corner


The above 4 steps don't work when using Download All. For them to work, you will need your settings to be set at 'Always Ask':


  1. Go to Services
  2. Choose Options
  3. Open Customise > On Demand Download Format 
  4. Select Always Ask 
  5. Save


"Each month Sky Box Sets are updated, some are added some are removed. This means that Box Sets have an expiry date." by @Anonymous


What's a Deletion Date?


In most cases, once you’ve downloaded a show it’ll remain in your planner until you delete it.


However, there are cases where a show is removed from your Planner (Sky+HD) or Recordings (Sky Q) for licensing reasons, meaning that it has a deletion date. 


For example, Grantchester, which I had downloaded from Catch Up TV on the 24 May, was deleted from my planner on Tuesday 27 June

 Catch Up TV Deletion Date.jpg  

How to find an expiry date with Sky Q

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When you find out that a show you're still watching from Box Sets or Catch Up is about to expire, you can download the remaining episodes to your box. In most cases, you will find that you now have more time to watch before the downloads expire.


However, on Q, you can only tell if the expiration date is 30 days or earlier. So if you don't see an expiration date in Recordings for your downloads to Q, then you have at least 31 days to go.


If you have Q and want to know the expiration date of something downloaded, you can use the Sky+ app (on your iOS iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet) or ask in the Entertainment board and someone with +HD can tell you, as long as what you want to know about is still available to download.


Sky Q expiry dates .jpg 

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