How to change the Sky Q AirPlay / Bluetooth name

Christmas is coming, tunes are playing!!


Do you stream music through your Sky Q boxes? Do you struggle to know which box is which? Why not change the Airplay/ Bluetooth names of your boxes. Simple and makes it so much easier to play the right tunes on the right box. Hope this helps you and a merry Xmas to all.


How to change the Sky Q AirPlay / Bluetooth name


To change the name of your Sky Q box bluetooth, simply follow the below steps:


  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control and scroll down to ‘Settings’.

  2. Scroll right a select ‘Status’, then ‘Network connection’.

  3. Scroll right and select ‘Network setup’.

  4. Scroll down and select ‘Advanced settings’.

  5. Make a note of the IP address.

  6. Logon to a device connected to your Wi-Fi and open your preferred internet browsers.

  7. Type this address into the browser, replacing <ip address> with the ip address you noted from the sky q box: http://<ip address>:13579/index.html, For example it should look similar to this:

  8. You should now see a web page where you can enter your new name and set a pin, if you wish.

  9. Make your changes and click ‘Apply’.


I found that the changes were showing on my iPad within a few minutes.

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