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Puk not working

Puk making a racket. Clearly broke as I had to get a replacement remote this morning ordered. The whole thing is making a terrible noise 


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Re: Puk not working

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@Mike19851 I suspect you have a faulty puck but I don't know how it is making noises though as there are no moving parts in the puck.


Anyway, to get you some help I have escalated your post to the Sky Community Messaging Team who will send you an invitation for an online chat.


The link below explains how the procedure works



Keep a look out for the speech chat bubble that will appear on the bottom left of your screen when you are logged onto this forum (you will need to refresh your browser from time to time until you see the chat bubble). When the blue bubble does appear you have 48 hours to respond or the chat will be automatically closed.  Note replies from Sky are not instant so you will need to regularly check the chat thread.

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