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Hey everyone, I've been having this weird issue lately while watching Netflix on the ad-supported version through Sky. Sometimes, halfway through a film, it just stops and starts buffering, without showing an advert. The only way to continue watching is to go back to Netflix and resume playing. Is this normal, or could there be an issue with my Sky setup? Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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@Davva1 That is definitely not normal.  If it happened to me the first thing I would do is to go into the the Netflix Get Help menu select Reload Netflix.  If that didn't work I would sign out and back in again (of course making sure I remembered my login details).


If those steps didn't work I would reboot my puck by switching it off at the plug and waiting for a minute before switching it on again.  I would also refresh the apps at Settings > System Management > Resets & Updates > refresh apps (do NOT factory reset).  The app refresh can take a few hours but is done in the background.  I usually do it overnight so it has lots of time to complete.


Good luck

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