Discussion topic: Issue with 1 x Sky Puck other working fine

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Issue with 1 x Sky Puck other working fine

The setup is 900/900 fibre with 1 x Sky Puck downstairs and 1 x upstairs.


The TV is a Samsung 43 inch UHD tv about 3.5 years old, the sound is provided by a Sonos Arc connected via EARC Connector.  Our internet is a fibre connection provided by hey broadband. I have spoken to them and they are reporting no issues.


The affected Puck is connected via WIFI and the netflix speed test is reporting 147MB bandwidth as a measure. 


The issue is sound continues unaffected but video goes to a freeze frame mode and starts to jump 2 or 3 frames per second. This can sometimes recover by itself but the other evening we powered off the box and restarted and all was well. The other issue is this only appears to happen on live channels. It does not happen on any apps or anything that is non-live.


I noticed some issues with other Internet Providers (Hyperoptic) and wondered some how is this linked. The  internet is provided by some Eero 6 Pro mesh routers.


So based on the above:


1) We have other streaming devices and another puck that is showing no issues.

2) How does the Sky Box degrade, we have seen the following. ...

 a) If audio continues and video starts to chop and stutter is this a bandwidth or latency issue ?

b) The issues seems to happen after 2 hours or so.

c) We have one box that is not showing the problem so that tends to discount some of the "its your broad band provider"


Anyone seen something similar, any help would be appreciated. Any way of talking to back line would be appreciated.



Many thanks















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Re: Issue with 1 x Sky Puck other working fine

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Hi @Dshepherd 


Bandwidth is only part of the story. Strong and stable connection between the router and the puck is just as important as bandwidth from router out to the internet.


It could be a fault with the puck, but as a starting point, have your tried swapping the pucks over, and monitoring to see if the issue occurs in the location where you are having issues? This will help you rule stuff in / out.



65” Sky Glass ocean blue, Sky Live, 4 streaming pucks and EE FTTP Busiest Home (circa 1.6 Gbps download). Former Sky Q, Sky+ HD and Sky+ customer.
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Re: Issue with 1 x Sky Puck other working fine

Based on information from Support they can see that the Sky Puck is flipping between 2 access points. I am about to change some wiring to make this less likely. Basically it is not alway picking the closest one and sometimes the choice is wrong.  Is anyone aware of any technical details ont eh stream box that would help with this sort of analysis. I appreciate very little is published.


1) The code paths for Live Television and Streamed from third party apps are different with differentl requirements from the connection. I can understand that latency for live television is more critical than steaming from netflix etc.


2) It would be incredibly useful to have a user triggered bandwidth / latency check that could be executed from the puck itself.  Judging by conversations with support they are able to quote a latency range for the device. Is there any way of shipping a way of exposing this to end users as perhaps a health. check app on the puck itself. This also could result in less support calls.


3) Have a third party scheme with Internet providers , where the companies can validate their infrastructure for Sky Steam and publish the accreditation. Both 2 and 3 would be a win-win for Sky.


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