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Sky store.

I accidentally bought a film called tarot in uhd and it won't let me watch it. I need ti cancel that and redo it to HD. So if you could cancel it for me please would be great.

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Re: Sky store.

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Hi @Tarface 


Well on this forum we are all customers like you - so this isn't a way for you to contact Sky. 

If Tarot was a rental on your Sky Q box, all you need to do is delete it, then delete it again from

your manage / deleted folder. 

you shouldn't be charged as you haven't watched any of it.  Then just re rent in HD 


If it was a buy and keep movie - you would need to chat with the Skystore team

directly. They open at 11am tomorrow 


hope that helps 





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Have a look at Sky Store – A quick guide for users

Have a look at Maximising the sound quality of your Sky Soundbox


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