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Viewing card problem

Problem with viewing card, have gone through all the online help tips,but still the same. Has anyone a phone number to book an engineer republic of Ireland, so hard to get contact with anyone,just going round in circles...

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Re: Viewing card problem

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If you definitely need to contact Sky, (and as long as your services aren’t restricted) then if you already have a Sky Mobile or a Sky Talk landline call free by dialling 150, otherwise you can use:
UK customers: Scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0333 number.
ROI customers: change the flag in the bottom right corner of the link to the ROI flag then scroll down and click on ‘Need more help’ and it provides a 0818 number.
(The forum doesn’t allow us to type the numbers in full).

You will find that similar to calling other large companies the start will be automated which may also try to send you back to the forum. Stay on the line as long as possible.

Note: We were informed recently the lines were busier than usual so try to pick a quieter time.

Sky customer since 2001
with: Sky Q | Sky Superfast Broadband | Sky Talk | Sky Mobile
NOTE: I only provide help on the forums and NOT via PM

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