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SkyQ connection issues

Hi Have looked through all the threads on this topic to no avail! We recently moved house and had Sky installed at our new address. We had Starlink at our old address and took this with us, never had any issues with our connection in the previous home (wifi). The Starlink router is approximately the same distance from the SkyQ box but since moving it drops connection several times a day. I can eatch maybe 20 minutes of on demand programmes before it drops again and I have to reset the connection each time. I have tried: 1) resetting both box and router (switching off, leaving for 30 seconds, back on again) 2) phoned sky and they told me to delete some recordings. Did that. 3) split my starlink in to the different ghz bands. Nothing is working and it's driving me bananas! When I go in to my starlink app it's showing that the sky box is connected but the box tells me it's not!

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Re: SkyQ connection issues

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If you think the actual satellite element is the same then the logical assumption must be it's the wireless environment which is different: perhaps using Powerline adapters (if actual ethernet isn't possible) would be worth trying.

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Re: SkyQ connection issues

Thanks! I've ordered a powerline set so will see if that works  🙂


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