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Sky Q equiment return issue

I keep receiving messages suggesting I hav yet to return my Sky Q equipment, which was shipped with Royal Mail on 25th September.  I have the confirmation from Royal Mail.


If I get some kind of charge when I've done all thats requested of me, I'll gooff like a bomb.


Someone needs to attend to this...


When I try to call, there is no option to select "returns", and I go around in circles, so please, deal with this HERE, and don't send me back to the phones - (removed) I'm really not in the right mood to waste anymore time on this.

If it gets to a charge, we're done...



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Re: Sky Q equiment return issue

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi there, thebobbeto. I’ve escalated your post to our Community Messaging team who will invite you to a private chat shortly and help you with this. 

Just look out for the colourful bubble to start the conversation.

Here's more information on how Community Messaging works - https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/Escalating-a-post-to-a-Sky-expert/ba-p/3711147 


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