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Sky Q Remote


please can anyone tell me how to fix my remote?

I've had Sky Q for 3 weeks and the remote has stopped working.

went on to YouTube and tried the tips on there, like press 7 and 9 together then 1 and 3 together but didn't work 



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Re: Sky Q Remote



I hope you're having a wonderful day!


Please take a look at the support page for faulty equipment linked here 


Hope this helps.



Owen 🙂

TV: Sky Stream puck connected to a Samsung UE50AU7100 using a Virgin Media Gig1 Broadband connection
Phone: iPhone 15 Pro (Natural Titanium) paired with Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular (Midnight)
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Re: Sky Q Remote

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@Lorraine+Turner Try this link for help with your Q remotes, if you get to the end of this link and decide the remote is faulty click tried everything then need more help which will then allow you to use a form to get a free replacement controller.


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