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Samsung tv and sky q box problems

So this bloody problem has been ongoing for several months. It happens daily now.

The q box freezes either when watching TV or when turning it on. 

If you are watching TV it goes to a black screen that those little loading circles appear then the message on the TV comes up and says check device power but the box has a green light the q symbol is lit up blue and the box and remote will not responde to touch.

If you are turning the tv on from it being off the same message is the same on the TV but the box has an Amber light and something the q symbol is lit up other times its not but the red recording light is on. Again both the box and the remote will not respond to touch.

The only thing that fixes the issue is turning the power off at the mains and restarting the box.

What we have tried and it didn't fix it

The box is not in eco mode it was tried in both none or active mode

The box (×2), power unit, dish and cabling(×2) have all been changed

Anynet+ is off

Input device manager is off


So I really need people's help I have no idea what to do next

Additional info, all boxes have been 2tb v2 boxes with external power supply, and we have had engineers out 3 times since January with 2 new boxes in that time the issue reappears exactly 4 days after the engineers have been


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Re: Samsung tv and sky q box problems

So the problem stopped about a week after i made this post, we changed nothing, then this week the problem starts again.

Does anyone know anything about this problem

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Re: Samsung tv and sky q box problems

Our Sky Q box was freezing every day also with our brand new Samsung TV.

Our work around.

As you have done ensure your Sky box is not switching off.

Then change your Samsung settings to auto-launch the last app used at switch on ( so you do not switch on into the Samsung home screen)

Ensure you are on Sky before switching off your TV.

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Re: Samsung tv and sky q box problems


Hi @KConnor 

I've had Samsung Smart TVs and Sky Q for a number of years.  This problem has popped up from time to time and the best solution I found was to reset the TV to factory settings ensuring during setup the TV identifies and connects to the Sky Q box. What I find is that because the TV has its own settings for each connected device these can become corrupted and occasionally the settings cache cleared out and a clean install performed.  It’s a bit of a bind but if you have a Samsung account and save your apps it can make it less of a hassle, even though you still have to log in to each of your apps when you come to use them.  I still get occasional black screen for a couple of seconds even now as Sky Q and Samsung Smart TVs still seem not to have totally resolved their connection issues.


Hope this helps but it’s not entirely fool proof. 


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