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Returning my equipment

Hello. I have received an email stating that I need to return my Sky Q 1TB UHD equipment and failure to do so will result in a £115 charge.  I spoke to Mark from your team a couple of months ago as I was still being charged for a service which I wasn't using.  I cancelled my subscription with Sky many months ago, and returned my equipment to you, but one of the subscriptions remained ongoing, of which I was unaware.  I advised Mark of this, and he cancelled the final subscription. He advised me that I would probably receive a bill from Sky (with you not realising that the equipment had already been returned), but he said that I had to provide you with the reference he gave me on the call -[content remolved], and that this oversight and bill for non-return would be swayed.  As stated, the eqiupment was returned to you many months ago, and if you check your dates of cancellation on my account, then this will be made clear.  


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Re: Returning my equipment

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@Turner+M  I'm sorry but you are not talking Sky, this is a customer lead forum.  Even if they do see your post, they would have no way of identifying you.  I will escalate your post so that someone fron Sky will open a chat with you.


Look out for an email and also a blue/red speech bubble at the bottom of your forum page. Once that speech bubble appears you only have 48 hours to join the private chat or it will close automatically. If you fail to respond to each chat reply from Sky within 48 hours the chat will again close down automatically even if your issue hasn’t been resolved. Replies from Sky aren’t instant so you’ll need to check the chat thread regularly.

This link explains the Community Messaging process.

I am just another Sky customer!
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Re: Returning my equipment

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Hi there! Thank you for escalating this. We have sent an invite to Turner+M.

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Re: Returning my equipment

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We are still looking to help you. If you need our support let us know and we can re-escalate to our chat team. Your invite has been closed now. Thanks


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