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Good Afternoon,

I live in a small bungalow with a TalkTalk land line and WiFi service. I have a SkyQ box in the lounge and a mini box in the bedroom. I have had 6 weeks of problems with interrupted WiFi and Sky Qbox and mini box connectivity issues. After several calls to TalkTalk they sent me a new WiFi router and a new WiFi booster for the bedroom. Both up and running and the old router returned to TalkTalk via the post. WiFi stopped dropping out but still had connectivity issues between Sky boxes. After 3 long phone calls to Sky advisors and a 2hour visit from Chris, helpful Sky engineer, a new SkyQ box, a new min box and a new Sky router, plus a hard wired connection between the 2 Sky boxes which are only about 4 metres apart - I am still having connectivity problems between the two boxes. They are very reluctant to see each other. In order to watch TV in the lounge and my wife a different TV in the bedroom I have to re boot the SkyQ box evert evening. In addition if I scroll down to settings and check on the WiFi connections, the SkyQ box is still seeing and apparently is still connected to my old TalkTalk router which is miles away at some recycling depot somewhere. My new SkyQ box refuses to stay connected to my new TalkTalk router. It was doing this when the Sky engineer was here. Help!!!! Regards Royston H.

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Re: Good Afternoon,

Posted by a Sky employee

Hi there, I’ve escalated your post to our Community Messaging team who will invite you to a private chat shortly and help you with this. 

Just look out for the colourful bubble to start the conversation.

Here's more information on how Community Messaging works - https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/Escalating-a-post-to-a-Sky-expert/ba-p/3711147


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